Beautiful Model Portfolio Session

MAC-T  Exclusive Presents: Quanna


All Playza Internation Modeling Production (P.I.M.P.) Mangement talent agency is the new alternate promotional entertainment company for the discriminating client. View hundreds of beautiful diva models now 


For potential clients who are interested to submit a particular model and celebrity artist from the Mac T's Beautiful Model Portofolio Session "Comp Cards" with contact info. Please email with models or celebrity names. Do include your name and company as well as purpose to book and model or celebrity for a gig. 


Its our policy we accept credit card deposits on feeds also we will bill at the time of our contract negotaitions. However now you can acquire beautiful exotic of you favorite your model quality and book them whenever you want to. (P.I.M.P)'s clients are the best clients in the world. 


Also Mac T beautiful model portfolio session in a bonus package deal there are over 200 pictures with name of models and celebrities you can purchase. When you see a picture of one of our models or celebrities and you want to get some pictures of them you can by ordering online a certain number of pictures the choice of pictures is yours. In order to recieve the pictures a order request must be made through our email



We have photographs of beautiful models and celebrities.  They are a part of the Pimpin' Entertainment network website for you to screen and select for a business deal.  Whether it is for a magazine layout, T.V commercial, music video, T.V. show, or movies, MAC-T and his membership professional team have organized this page to help our beautiful models to get into the entertainment industry.  With his professional management staff for modeling, dancing, acting, singing or doing live shows, VIP shows, or recording to escort, our selection of MAC-T beautiful models are amazing.  For more information contact us through our e-mail address


Potential Clients/Model Agencies

Yes I appreciate what you are doing for me with the models and all.

What I do want you to do, is to get the models to go on mywebsite and join us as a memeber. Once they become a member, then they can become one of the MAC T models. If a model want to be listed on the MAC T's Beautiful Model Portfolio Session page, they got to choice to become a memeber and buy they listed post on this page.

I want the models to get involved in my modeling and entertainment business. I want all my models to get posted up, so i can get a modeling job in a premium for them. All models are protected on my website and who become a member of the playza international modeling production ("P.I.M.P KING") Do you understand?


I got this hot balling out of control music video production in process and I am casting for models to be in the video shoot. With alot of superstar celeb and new potention clients and with the help of the model agencies my models can make a few thousand dollars (G's easy.) I want all my models to be beautiful and ready to work on call. I got a good business plan about making some real money for my models and myself. I treat all my models as one of my special VIP clients.


So please dont be wasting yours or my time doing nothng. 

Come on now and joing as a member on this website. We gotta be taking care of good business I dont wanna see you or anyone miss out on a great opportunity career. Get on the MAC-T team and make your 5  dollar per photo feed today, to be listed on the MAC-T Beautiful Model Portfolio Session page.


At All Times Models/Entertainers loyalty to their model and talent agency stand by this agreement.


A volunteer and personal contract.


As a Confidential agreement about Celebrity and Models, and this contract between Mac T and his models that under no circumstances were you force to Prostitute, take nude picture or in sexually suggestive poses and magazine, videos, and over the internet. To select customers or put on a freak show, and to have sex with either Mac T, or any celebrity or athlete and or any clients.


You as a Model was and will never be forced or receive or coercion and assaulted for refusing to work as a model or entertainer. You as a Model or Entertainer was never train how to perform any sex acts for money, what prices to charge, for which act to solicit clients for dates and to turn your earning to Mac T. Nor has he at anytime has he especially try to arrange your transportation in USA or internationally, so you can work as a prostitute for Mac T profits.


What we do as a Model or Entertainers all for volunteer and strictly for business. No promoting prostitution but as a Model or Entertainer you work for Mac T and you were always either an actress/dancer/model/VIP hostress or an R&B, Hip Hop, Pop for rock star Entertainer. Mac T working with you is promoting where we are working together towards getting a business deal. 




Russell Mac T Tinsley is the owner of Playza International Modeling/Music/Management Production(P.I.M.P) With Pimpin Emtertainment. He makes a Living organizing modeling and music shows and to promote new talent for girlz boyz where a model or an artist can get into the industry for modeling dancing acting or singing, during shows or recording to producing and marketing.






 Signature :___________________



Note: Please Download and sign and mail to Russell Mac T Tinsley

         Po Box 905 Ave NJ 07001




Click on image to view the models Facebook page.

Here is my audition music video by Tiana McBride,with MACT track 1 Pum Pum-Bootie-N- Ballin

Mika's casting call in the Mac T's musical, dance, modeling and music video auditions. 
Naturally, Mika can dance to all music, model, act and we are assisting her to pursue her modeling dreams of becoming apart of the entertainment industry, posting her profile on all website for your review and information.
 You can be looking forward to seeing Mika in our up-n coming music video productions, fashion shows and concert tours.

If you are interested in further assisting Mika in perusing her career, please contact us at the Playza Club Records Company and Pimpin Entertainment in undertaking any gigs, music videos, modeling, casting and dancing, as a member of one of Mac T's beautiful modeling portfolio session team. 

sexy diamond

Important Information Do you dream of a beautiful girl, a certain type, a certain personality, perhaps a model, dancer or the young singer next door.  Here at Mac T's Beautiful Model Portfolio Session we believe in turning your program projects into a big success.  Only the very best is good enough for your production projects.  Mac T's Beautiful Model Portfolio Session provides customized professional attention to all of our clients.  We have the highest standards and hand pick all of our models. We are an elite , modeling and entertainment business and only work for the best of talent - what you see really is what you get. We pride ourselves on being more than a booking agency, we are a live entertainment and modeling professional talent management service and want to establish a long term relationship with all of our clients.  Whether you are looking for an hour booking date engagement or a weekend work companion employee, we are committed to your work ethic satisfaction. Because we are an upscale modeling and live entertainment business, we expect our clients to understand the nature of professional talent services, We will not answer obscene type questions.  Money exchange and legal modeling and entertainment talent services for bookings is simply for time and work of performance. Anything else that may or may not occur is matter of personal choice and personal preferences between 2 or more consenting people of legal age and is not contracted for, nor is it requested to be contracted in any manner. 

Sweet Thang


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Tyra Banks
Robert Lacy Jr.
Diamond White
PK Sunshine
Nana Akua Achiaa
Paris Hilton
Extra Fashion Shoot by Peter Thomas
Mariah Carey
Lisa Bonet
Venus Tinsley
Brittney Spears
Crystal Thompson
Tyra Banks
Jada Smith
Iamohaibaibriz Miximo
Mary J.
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